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Join Us In-Studio Weston - FL or Online via GOOGLE MEET!

We’re excited to be offering a varied arts program for our young artists.

  • In our children’s art classes, we’ll explore the basics of art in our warm, nurturing environment, where everyone is an artist! Children will learn to use various mediums – paint, pencil, crayons, oil pastels watercolor, and more. We’ll also learn about technique and drawing skills.

  • Our kids will develop their drawing skills and learn to draw and paint from still life or a photograph.

    At Monacreativeart, we’ve got art classes for everyone!

Canva Class: Master the Art of Design with Canva (ONLINE OR IN-PERSON)

Unlock Your Creativity with Our Comprehensive Canva Classes!   $100 for 4 classes

Our Canva classes are designed to help you master this versatile design tool, whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills. Each class focuses on different aspects of Canva, providing you with a thorough understanding and hands-on experience in creating stunning visuals.

Canva Class Lessons:

  • Introduction to Canva

    • Lesson 1: Getting Started with Canva

    • Lesson 2: Understanding the Canva Interface

    • Lesson 3: Exploring Canva's Features and Tools

  • Basic Design Principles

    • Lesson 4: Fundamentals of Design

    • Lesson 5: Color Theory and Typography

    • Lesson 6: Layout and Composition

  • Creating Social Media Graphics

    • Lesson 7: Designing Instagram Posts and Stories

    • Lesson 8: Crafting Facebook Covers and Posts

    • Lesson 9: Making Eye-Catching  Graphics

  • Branding and Marketing Materials

    • Lesson 10: Designing Logos and Brand Kits

    • Lesson 11: Creating Business Cards and Stationery

    • Lesson 12: Designing Brochures and Flyers

  • Presentation Design

    • Lesson 13: Creating Professional Presentations

    • Lesson 14: Enhancing Slides with Visuals and Animations

    • Lesson 15: Presenting and Sharing Your Work

  • Creating Visual Content for Websites and Blogs

    • Lesson 16: Designing Blog Graphics and Featured Images

    • Lesson 17: Crafting Web Banners and Ads

    • Lesson 18: Creating Infographics and Data Visualizations

  • Advanced Canva Techniques

    • Lesson 19: Using Advanced Tools and Features

    • Lesson 20: Customizing Templates and Elements

    • Lesson 21: Integrating Canva with Other Tools

  • Collaborative Design

    • Lesson 22: Working on Team Projects in Canva

    • Lesson 23: Sharing and Collaborating on Designs

    • Lesson 24: Managing Brand Assets in Canva Pro

  • Special Projects and Case Studies

    • Lesson 25: Real-World Design Projects and Challenges

    • Lesson 26: Case Studies of Successful Canva Designs

    • Lesson 27: Developing Your Portfolio with Canva

Join Our Canva Classes and Become a Design Pro!

  • Enroll Now: Start your journey with Canva today! Call us at 754-2240173

Digital Art Class: Master the Digital Canvas

Explore the World of Digital Art with Our Expert-Led Classes!   $100 for 4 classes

Our digital art classes are designed to help you harness the power of digital tools to create stunning artwork. From beginners to advanced artists, our lessons cover a wide range of topics to develop your skills and unleash your creativity.

Digital Art Class Lessons:

  • Introduction to Digital Art

    • Lesson 1: Getting Started with Digital Art

    • Lesson 2: Understanding Digital Art Tools and Software

    • Lesson 3: Setting Up Your Digital Workspace

  • Basic Digital Drawing Techniques

    • Lesson 4: Fundamentals of Digital Drawing

    • Lesson 5: Using Brushes and Tools Effectively

    • Lesson 6: Creating Line Art and Sketches

  • Color Theory and Digital Painting

    • Lesson 7: Understanding Color Theory in Digital Art

    • Lesson 8: Digital Painting Techniques

    • Lesson 9: Working with Layers and Blending Modes

  • Character Design and Illustration

    • Lesson 10: Basics of Character Design

    • Lesson 11: Creating Dynamic Poses and Expressions

    • Lesson 12: Developing Characters from Concept to Final Illustration

  • Environmental Art and Backgrounds

    • Lesson 13: Fundamentals of Environmental Art

    • Lesson 14: Designing and Painting Backgrounds

    • Lesson 15: Creating Depth and Perspective

  • Advanced Techniques and Special Effects

    • Lesson 16: Advanced Digital Painting Techniques

    • Lesson 17: Adding Special Effects and Textures

    • Lesson 18: Using Filters and Adjustments

  • Animation and Motion Graphics

    • Lesson 19: Basics of Digital Animation

    • Lesson 20: Creating Motion Graphics

    • Lesson 21: Integrating Animation into Digital Art

  • Professional Workflow and Techniques

    • Lesson 22: Efficient Digital Art Workflow

    • Lesson 23: File Management and Exporting Artwork

    • Lesson 24: Preparing Digital Art for Print and Web

  • Portfolio Development and Presentation

    • Lesson 25: Building a Digital Art Portfolio

    • Lesson 26: Presenting Your Work Professionally

    • Lesson 27: Marketing and Selling Your Digital Art

Join Our Digital Art Classes and Transform Your Skills!

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